We offer our customers all marketing services by the largest e-marketing specialists with the best performance and updates

    About IEM Company

    We work at IEM to achieve the highest marketing results for our customers and their small and large enterprises
    Providing the largest opportunities and integrated plans in all commercial fields required by our customers
    Therefore, we criticize the complete marketing plans from the first stage of brand creation to the stage of selling, marketing services and follow-up
    All this is done through IEM marketing by the largest specialists, marketers and global plans


    Our Marketing Services

    Brand Strategy

    Create a complete professional marketing plan for brand creation


    Full service in search engines and website management in appearance and ads


    A full team of marketing consultants with global professional experience

    Graphic design

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    Social Media

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    Web development

    A complete team in designing websites in all domains and codes to suit the field

    other services

    Accredited Certificates

    We offer you certified and documented certificates from the largest American universities

    Training courses

    We hold training courses on marketing within the Arab world and present international models

    study abroad

    We are accredited agents and we send a group of Arab students annually to study at the largest universities in Russia

    Customers reviews

    What people say

    You helped me a lot in getting my study opportunity in Russia, and it was an important shift in my academic and professional life. IEM is a source of confidence for me and my family.
    Khaled Galal
    I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to this reliable company after I obtained the certificate despite my presence abroad and found all the cooperation... Thank you IEM
    Ali Alqhtani
    Head Of Sales
    One of the largest marketing companies that I dealt with... It was a fruitful cooperation in which I must thank this professional place IEM and I thank you all
    Adam Maghraby



    Accredited Certificates